Outdoor Swimming

i.) Sea Swimming

It would be of huge advantage to the beginning triathlete to have experienced both swimming a distance in the sea, and then also racing there too, before a first triathlon of any length.

Swimming is usually the biggest challenge for those new to triathlons because most people practise swimming in pools, but the actual triathlon race is outside in water where it is often hard to see even just beyond your own hand. There are no lane ropes neatly separating out the racers and guiding the way. As a result, the turbulent start of the swim is nick-named “the washing machine” and it can be very surprising and exhausting to suddenly be learning to contend with other races knocking into you as you try to establish your breathing rhythm and direction.

There are some upcoming events listed here. Please contact us in the comments section if you’d like a hand registering or support if you’d like to attend.

  * * * * * * *

 Races – 2012

Mokpo – August 4th, 5th
Deadline: July 13th

Buan – August 11th, 12th
Deadline: July 21st

Busan – September

ii.) Outdoor Pools

Family Land

The 50 meter length pool at Family Land is actually an overgrown children’s paddling pool. It is very shallow with a depth barely above knee-height on an adult, but it is possible to swim a length. You wouldn’t want to try showing off your flip-turns here though.

It is also subject to the daily “shut for lunch break” hours when you could use the golden opportunity to go see how completely depressed-looking the animals in the “zoo” there are these days. (Poor miserable buggers. They can probably empathise with the average hagwon teacher.)

But wait! There’s more! “Customers” are also subject to hourly “break” sessions wherein you will be asked to remove yourself (or rather, your delightful child) from the pool, ostensibly to prevent risk from “heart attack,” and in an hugely ironic dose of reality it’s actually so the “life guards” [*cough*] can go out back for a cancer stick [*cough cough cough*…  *hack,* *hawk,* *SPIT!!*].

* * * * * * *

Damyang Resort

This 25 meter pool is part of a spa-resort complex which suffers a bit of an identity complex as it goes by two different names, including “Damyang Resort”, and “Damyang Spa and Tourist Hotel”. The place includes chalets for rent, and jymjilbang or steam rooms to share, and a very plush-looking Korean-style western restaurant and cafe (ie. expect them to only serve over-priced kimchi bokimbap and extra-watery green tea).

The pool has an even 1.3 meter depth.

The pool is open every year from June through to August or September.

Hours are from 9am – 7pm, daily.

In 2012 the entry fee for the pool is w13,000 for adults and w11,000 for children, and it’s open from June 1st through to August 26th.

To find out more up-to-date details from the rude pool manager, phone Lee Gon Wook: 010-4556-4323 or (061) 380-5111 [Korean only].

Next to the main pool outside is an even more shallow paddling pool for younger children, and also a hot pool (called the ‘Warm Pool’) for sauna style soaking.

The website has the obligatory ‘English’ page, however, this contains only barest of information and all links are as dead as the manager’s sense of politesse. The Korean page’s links are all active and may be useful. To find that information and photos of the pools, go to the index list across the top of the page which says ‘Hot-Spring’ and when the pop-up list appears, click on the third option, which says ‘수영장’ (Swimming Pool).

Website: http://www.damyangspa.com

Active Map Location:


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