1. Swimming

There are many swimming pools in Gwangju and the towns around Jeollanamdo.

These pools can provide great places for lane swimming and water play… IF you don’t mind important details such as:

the expectation you will have a shower before you swim,

the firm rule that all must wear a swim cap,

that there is usually no deep end, and,

that it’s worth picking your times very carefully unless you enjoy cases of severe overcrowding.

Below are developing lists of swimming pools including information on location, cost of entry, and opening hours. The focus is on times for “free swimming,” or the availability of lanes for people wanting to get exercise or do their own practise. Most pools do have classes for all levels of swimmer available, although the language of instruction is typically Korean.

If you find any English language instructors at your local pool please post a comment below and we will include it here in our shared information list for the locally based English speaking community.

Most swim centers in town also have smaller pools adjacent to the main one for beginner lessons or children. We are also interested in listing information about these pools. If you find it not listed below but visit a pool, you are welcome to contribute that knowledge in a comment below. Similarly, if you find a pool not listed or some information which is now out of date, incorrect, or simply missing, please let us know in the comments section and we shall then update the page promptly.

Note #1: Beware the dreaded curse of trying to find an open pool on any given Sunday of any month. It IS possible, but extra care needs to be taken. Many are shut and the scheduling for this seems to follow a mysterious style of logic the key to which yet remains as elusive as the blue-tailed aquatic Jabberwocky. But anyway, see notes for individual pools below.

Note #2: If you would like to meet up with others interested in swimming, cycling, or running in Gwangju or around Jeollanamdo, please either leave a message in the comments section below, or you might find them in our facebook group online here.

* Remember, when in the swimming pool:
you WILL need your swim cap. *

Happy splashing!



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