3. Running

Gwangju Tri Sports runs with the Gwangju Running Club. The club usually meets most weekends for very relaxed and informal group runs followed by a shared meal at a nearby restaurant. The meeting time is usually in the later afternoons in warmer months and closer to midday when nearer winter.

We also participate in local and national open event races. A great resource is the list of local and national running events here. Please contact us in the comments section below if you’d like a hand registering or attending an event.

If you would like to join in an informal run or just contact the club, please send a message in the comments section below, and we will send you the information as to the place for the next upcoming meeting time and place. Alternatively, check the facebook group wall: Gwangju Running Club (광주 런닝 클럽).

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2013 Gwangju Running Events

April 21 – The Josun Ilbo Gwangju Marathon

May 11 – The May 18 Commemorative Run

June 2 – The Pink Ribbon Marathon Event


One Response to 3. Running

  1. Mies Kuipers says:

    We are coming for WK masters swimming 2019 to Gwangju. Are there also running events?

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