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Past Cycling Trips:
Been There, Rode That

Ride #16: The Highway to Heavenly Hwasoon

Departure: Saturday 6th of November, from beneath Chosun University main gates, 11am.
Course Description: less than 30kms return trip, mostly flat but with one low, easy hill in the middle. (This route avoids the main road and its tunnel.)
Requirements: a road-worthy bike.
Suggestions: a securely fitting helmet, gloves, a full water bottle, glasses, a jacket if it looks like raining, your most astoundingly bright shirt, money for food, and delightful smiles and waves for the nice people in the noisy automobiles.

Destination: The western river bike path; more details to follow soon.

Requirements: a road-worthy bike, a securely fitting helmet, and gloves.

Suggestions: a full water bottle, glasses, a jacket if it looks like raining, your most astoundingly bright shirt, money for food, and cheery smiles and waves for the nice people in the smelly automobiles.

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 Sunday, 10th of October, 2010

The Gwangju Climate Action Bike Ride – celebrating Gwangju’s bike paths!

An official 350.org event.

Reinhold and Son-young took their brand new tandem bicycle out on its maiden voyage around Gwangju to celebrate Gwangju’s bike paths, to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy cycling together, and to participate in the world wide day of climate action.

Coincidental Background Report: http://gwangjublog.com/808

Meeting point #2: Map:

Course discription: Flat, about 55km round trip from the Post Office in down town Gwangju. The bike path out beyond Singah Dong is premium quality and far superior to the one by the river through down town Gwangju. We’ll ride out past the Home Plus, end up across the Wangrong River and then cycle for about 10 kilometers. We could come back via the amusement park near Honnam University, or continue for another 15 kilometers heading towards Naju, depending on levels of enthusiasm and interest.

 * * *

Ride #14: The Wangrong River Ride

Description: Coming from way over the east side of the city, most of this journey for me was just getting to the western side. The ride along the north side of Gwangju River, the side closest to the city, is smooth enough, and Reinhold and I made good time to the second meeting point. From there it was following the roads for another few kilometers, and there was a bit of traffic, but the roads are wide and straight until they read the hills on the western outskirts of town.

We followed a country road – again with a surprising number of cars – for another couple of kilometers, until we reached the Wongrong River. We crossed the small bridge, and there, in the middle of virtually nowhere, is a beautiful, wide, deserted and empty cycling and walking path. It follows the river downstream, passing by paddies of rice and vegetables and rolling green hills. A couple of male farmers were driving motorised croppers in their fields, and in another a large group of female farmers were bent over in ankle-high water and pulling out root vegetables of some sort.

Eventually, after stopping for a water break, we cruised slowly on down the winding river path until we reached Fantasy Island (- my name for the spot – ) the small fun park, in the middle of a river! We crossed the river on the small dam downstream of the park, and wound our way to the main road passing by the large Honnam University campus. After passing the airport we stopped on the bridge to observe Lee Myung Bak’s local sandpit in the river, feeling sorry for the beautifully desolate long-legged cranes looking lost among the ripped up remains of their river.

From there took the older, rougher bike path on the southern side of the river back into town.
Total distance: 55kms, 3 hours 15ish, including breaks.

User image

* * *

Ride #13: Tour du Tamyang

Departure: 9am, Saturday, 25th of September.
It was an incredibly beautiful autumnal day as we headed out north via Duam Dong with Reinhold back with the group and showing us the best way to get to Tamyang, via the quieter, prettier country roads. We made a stop at the Bamboo Museum for the sake of a water break, whereupon Sang-don received an invitation by phone for us to join in a local bike rally, so, we did! We met the rally group in town and rode with them along the river-side path for a while but then they went to turn off for lunch, and we headed back to Gwangju for kebabs for lunch at Sang-don’s friend’s place near Chon Dae back gate.
Total: about 62 kilometers in four hours (including breaks).

* * *

Ride #12: The Seosaewon Saunter

Having approximated a total distance of 30kms, in the event, we cycled virtually exactly that to Seosaewon and back. Having stopped off to visit an old-style pottery museum the trip took 1.5 hours going there, and almost exactly an hour coming back.

Thanks to Julie for showing us to a lovely tea house off the main road just past Seosaewon. Upon return to down town Gwangju the grilled fish for lunch was as amazingly delicious as ever.

* * *

Ride #11: Saturday, 4th of September

Destination: Initially we were considering doing a bullet run to Tamyang with the potential option of exploring the swimming pool. Upon receipt of an invitation to join the local single speed cycle club named ‘Bikini’ (a play on the words ‘Bike n I’ we decided to accept their offer, and enjoyed a lovely warm (ie. very hot) early autumnal morning’s ride south via the river across from the airport, to Nampyong forest park.

Thanks for the good company, the ride, and the delicious lunch, to Jaihyun and the Bikini Crew!



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