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Helena and her new pre-loved
triathlon bike, the Cello: Tri 1.

LePak bike store usually has a few used triathlon bikes available at the start of the cycling season in early spring, such as these pictured above and below.

Ryan and his colourful IronHorse,
 bought from LePak at the end of 2011.

‘LePak’ is situated directly opposite the front gate of the World Cup Stadium, on the north side, closest to Yeomju Dong, on the far side from from Pungam Jigu. It’s run by a couple of brothers, one named Cheong Hyun. He is fairly capable with English and pretty much the only one confident in English of all workers in the store. He is also the head mechanic and is quite gifted with bikes. Unfortunately, the store is not open on Sundays, and Cheong Hyun doesn’t work Saturdays and Tuesdays, but, they ARE open until 8pm most nights of the week, and on Thursdays they are open until 10pm. The store’s website is here.

If you are serious about starting triathlons, meaning you want a real triathlon bicycle for the sake of numerous Olympic length races with a view to doing a first full length ironman course, the best time to look in store for a second hand triathlon bike is in early spring at the start of the season.

Otherwise, for entry level they will try to sell this bike to you which they will offer to import especially with either an aluminium or the more expensive carbon-fiber frame.

If, however, you’re going to just stick to the Olympic course length at first and you’re just competing against yourself with the aim of finishing, then a standard road bike is okay. They have a fair selection of these in store most of the time, and can order from an extensive range within the catalogue books in store and online.

It may be useful to note official Korea Triathlon Federation races rules stipulate using either clipless peddles and bike shoes, or simply flat peddles and sports shoes. Old style strap-over clip-peddles and sports shoes like we see single-speed or “fixie” riders using are now not allowed.

Please contact us at GTS if you would like a hand researching current options in stores or online, assessing those options, or negotiating a purchase. Also, anyone with a bike to sell is welcome to post an advertisement here in the comments section.

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For the sake of interest, these are the models and prices available in these stores at the start of the season in 2011.

– 2011 Giant TCR0, w2,000,000; Ultegra
– 2010 Giant TCR 2, w1,300,000; Tiagra
– 2011 Giant SCR1, w880,000; Sora, small sized frame (46.5cm) (x2)
– 2011 Giant SCR, w530,000, Shimano gearings, small sized frame
– 2011 Giant SCR, w530,000, Shimano gearings, extra-small sized frames

Pungam MTB
– Elfama Epoca ‘R1′ w940,000, Tiagra, frame size 50 cms
– Elfama Epoca ‘R1′ w750,000, Shimano gearings, frame size 52 cms


2 Responses to Buy a Bike

  1. Steven New says:

    Thanks for this update. Do they sell used bikes at this place? I am trying to find an affordable bike for a Middle School Student.

    • mahythesis says:

      Yes and no; on occasion you may be lucky to find them stocking a bike that they will have available “to sell on behalf of” a customer. The customer sets a price and they add on their percentage directly. They tend to do that as a service to customers looking to sell though, rather than those looking to buy, and so I don’t recommend going there to hunt for a used bike, particularly at this time of year. Late winder/ very early spring tends to be better. Best would be to phone ahead with a Korean speaker helping you and ask what they have in stock. Probably the best way to go is to find that Korean speaker with time to help you scout the online forums where people trade in used bikes in Korean. There are a couple, but I’ve not had to know them yet.

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