Welcome! Here’s the list:

Welcome to Gwangju Tri Sports circa 2014.

This is the list of swimming pools around Gwangju.

The list linked to just above there includes all the indoor pools of which I’m aware. If you know of any other pools in Gwangju or even Jeollanamdo, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

Similarly, if you find any of the information is out of date, please let me know either the updated information, or just which pool has new information to share; I can contact that pool and get things organised from there. Please leave a comment below.

Remember your swim cap,


happy splashing!

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GTS Races the World!

Last weekend saw the running of the annual International Triathlon Union event in Korea’s picturesque sea-side town of Tongyong, just west of Busan and Goeje Island. For the first time Gwangju Tri Sports entered two competitors in the general race on Sunday, following the elite races on Saturday. Congratulations to Helena Gray on completing her first internationally recognized race event [edit: not counting Daegu]!

Helena Gray with her finisher’s medal, standing proudly and appropriately with her British flag.

The race on Sunday featured a course with only one circuit per leg, unusual as the swim typically involves two circuits of 750 meters, and the bike and run courses often demand two trips around a course or more. The result was that the bike course wound far around the countryside beyond the town, featuring many spectacular views of coastal scenery from atop the numerous hills of the 40 kilometer course.

You can see some of the course in the footage of the elite races here: the women’s, and the men’s.

GTS makes the Tongyong finish line, despite the tall hills and the busy course. There were more than one thousand competitors on the day.

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Congratulations, Helena

Helena completed her first Olympic length triathlon in the Daegu 2012 race on the 29th of April. Well done, Helena!

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