Yellow Dust

1.) Every spring sees an unfortunate correlation between the start of the training and race season, and the arrival of “hwang sah” [황사] in the Korean air, all the way from China. It is worth monitoring levels of pollution in the air at this time, as you will want to think carefully about the extent to which you want to exert yourself and exercise outdoors on days with high amounts of pollution in the atmosphere locally.

The two main places to keep track of current levels have recently been provided courtesy of the Korean Meteological Service, and the US Military Service.

Update: This general air quality/ pollution monitor appears to be quite extensive, even including local suburban updates as far south as Australia!

2.) Smog from north-east China and finer air particles including radioactive material from the former nuclear bomb testing grounds of the Gobi desert is making its way over to Korea more easily these days in the other seasons. A smog indicator is available here. It’s worth checking out if you wake up and find another foggy, smoggy day outside the window.


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